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Modular Construction System

What is a prefabricated modular construction system?

A prefabricated modular construction is a sandwich panel prefab construction that is made from galvanised painted steel panels and a galvanised steel frame. It is also lined with insulating rockwool, polystyrene or polyurethane foam to ensure optimal user comfort, as well as being fitted with all required electrical equipment and lighting. As a modular construction manufacturer  , Module-T has 15 years’ experience of the trade and is a highly proficient prefabricated modular construction manufacturer  and supplier to clients based all over the world.


Advantages of a prefab construction system


An important advantage of modular containers is their quick and easy installation thanks to a relatively small number of component parts that are pre-manufactured in the factory before delivery to your site. Assembly is also fast because we can send over our own assembly technicians from Turkey to assist with installation at your site, so that each container can be set up in just a few hours. Because our modular building solution is much quicker and more economic than traditional concrete building solutions, this will save you and your business a lot of time and money. Our prefab modular construction system is made from highly durable materials that make each container last for up to 80 years. Not only does this present you with an ideal economic solution, but also an ecological one. The long-lastingness of the materials means that the buildings will not need replacing for decades, thereby relaxing pressure on the environment through less frequent disposal of worn materials. Hence this is an ideal long-term, environmentally friendly solution that is kind to both your budget and the planet.


Why should you chose Module-T as a modular construction manufacturer?


Module-T is your go-to prefab modular construction system supplier for a multitude of reasons. The first and foremost of these is the high quality of the materials composing our modular buildings. They are made from high-grade galvanised painted steel panels that are durable, sturdy and weather-resistant. The efficient, absorbent polyurethane padding is also an excellent preventative against moisture seepage into buildings, and the aluminium on the door and window frames is rust-proof and hence rain-resistant. Hence these buildings are perfectly suited to enduring outdoor environments.

Another excellent reason for choosing Module-T manufacturer is its strong customer orientation and customization of its buildings to suit clients’ specific requirements. For example, we are able to alter the thickness of the insulation padding depending on the local climate where your construction project is based, juxtapose containers in particular configurations or provide stackable units that will prove useful for restricted spaces. Other optional fittings that we can provide include air-conditioning units, computer and telephone connections, office equipment, bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Naturally, this flexibility of fittings also makes our modular containers highly versatile and suitable for a variety of different purposes. Some of these include offices, sanitary facilities (showers and toilets), locker rooms, kitchens and restaurant spaces, canteens, workshops, clinics and so much more. This means are clients may be based in various industries. Last but not least of these advantages is the fast production and transportation of your prefabricated modular buildings to your site. All our sandwich panels, steel frames, windows and doors are manufactured at our own factory in Turkey. We work at a very high production capacity, producing the equivalent of 9,600 modular containers per year.  This is followed by the fast delivery of your ordered units and the on-site assistance with prefab modular container assembly that we provide. Our own in-house talented technicians that we send over specially from Turkey with your dispatch will help assemble your units in just a few hours.



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