Flat pack shower container

If you are looking for a smart, quick-to-deliver, and cost-effective way to provide customers, staff, athletes, or students with shower room and toilet facilities, a flat pack shower container offers the ideal solution. These hardwearing and versatile prefabricated constructions are designed to provide a secure, easy-to-clean, and hygienic space for people to wash and refresh.

Flat pack shower container

A modular flat pack shower container is waterproof, corrosion and rust-resistant, and we can arrange the rapid design and delivery of the containers to almost any worldwide location, no matter how remote. Furthermore, all our flat pack sanitary containers can be used on temporary and permanent sites and joined or linked to other modular containers, making them far more versatile than conventional constructions.   

Discover the key features of our modular flat pack shower-wc containers and understand more about the flat pack container shower price below.

Flat Pack Shower Container with The Best Features

A flat pack shower container is a popular choice if you’re looking to provide restroom and cleaning facilities on a construction or industrial site, create sanitary facilities for a school or sports stadium, or provide visitors with WC and shower rooms at a festival, event, or other temporary location.


Our standard flat pack shower container design is 600 cm long, 240 cm wide, and has a height of 250 cm, with a total interior of 14,4 m2. Our standard model is entered via an aluminium or steel door and contains six single shower cubicles stretching along the container’s length. These face four washbasins. In addition, the space is lit via two windows at either end, which can be fitted with roller blinds, shutters, security bars, or mosquito nets if wished. Toilets and other facilities can be incorporated into the modular flat pack shower-WC.

Flat pack container shower price
Flat pack shower container

All the structures in our flat pack shower container range are delivered with sockets and fittings for lighting electric, and clean and waste water installation in place for easy onsite connection. Other notable features of our portable sanitary containers include the following:

  • Structure: High galvanised steel frame and fully insulated sandwich panel walls


  • Floor and Ceiling: A PVC, ceramic tile, or vinyl-coated fibre cement panel floor and 50 mm insulated polyurethane ceiling.


  • Options: According to your preference, many features can be added to the design, including a choice of pedestal or stainless steel (inox) toilets, disabled toilets and sinks, ceramic or stainless steel urinals, ceramic or stainless steel sinks, water heaters, under sink storage or cabinets, and a fibreglass or PVC septic tank.


  • Assembly: Our portable flat pack sanitary containers are delivered in a container and can be easily installed using the lifting hooks and connection set provided. They can be placed on beams or a light cement base that can be built before delivery to save time. Assembly typically takes just a few hours.


  • Transportation: Module-T specialises in manufacturing a wide range of modular constructions, and we can organise the economical sea and land transportation of our containers to sites across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australasia, and the Middle East.


  • Price: Many factors must be considered before we state a flat pack container shower price. The cost will depend on the features you include, the type and thickness of the insulation chosen, and the logistics cost of taking the container from our factory in Turkey to your site.


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