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Suppose you want to expand your existing workspace, need an in-plant or forecourt sales office, or require a temporary or permanent management office for a construction site or remote location. In that case, our range of flat pack office containers with WC offers the ideal solution. These strong and highly versatile prefabricated buildings provide secure and comfortable office spaces for administration, management, or accounts personnel. They can also be made, delivered, and assembled at your site in just a few hours.

Flat pack office container with

Module-T produce many modular office containers, but the dimensions of a standard portable office container with WC are 600 cm x 240 cm (14,4 m2), and the interior features an 11.40 m2 open office space with two windows and a 3 m2 compact washroom with a small window, a toilet, and a sink. The height is 250 cm (2.5 m). The office interior can be configured in various ways and has enough space to accommodate an L-shaped desk, two utility chairs, a two-seat sofa, and a table. It is entered via a steel or aluminium door that can be equipped with security bars and an anti-intrusion alarm if wished.

A standard flat pack container office with WC is designed to provide a highly durable workspace with the added benefit of a restroom facility. The structure has a galvanised steel frame, and the walls are sandwich panels with rock wool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam insulation to a thickness of between 50 mm and 100 mm.


Other specifications of our portable office containers include either PVC or aluminium framed windows in regular flat or bay design, a choice of vinyl, parquet, or ceramic tile flooring, and either a galvanised trapezoidal roof or an optimised polyurethane insulated sandwich panel roof that is suitable for particularly humid and rainy climates. Adding air-conditioning, internal network cables, CCTV, security systems, and other customisations is also possible.


If you are searching for a cost and time-effective alternative to purchasing or hiring a conventional construction, see below for more information on our prefabricated office containers and flat pack office container prices with WC.

flat pack office container manufacturer
flat pack office container prices

Flat Pack Office Container Prices With WC

Flat pack office container prices with WC vary according to the choices of insulation, flooring, window design, and other structural or aesthetic customisations you choose to make. The cost of the transportation of the portable office from Turkey to your site also needs to be factored into the equation.


Module-T is committed to offering high-quality prefabricated constructions at cost-effective prices. Hence, the cost of the flat pack office is far less than building a conventional office with WC in most cases.


Module-T is a leading flat pack office container manufacturer in Turkey. Our versatile structures are designed and built remotely, specially packed, and then transported to your site for assembly and use.


Our flat pack office containers are precision-made to ensure they are consistently high-quality and adhere to US and EU building standards. In addition, they are also cyclone and earthquake-resistant, so they are ideal for use in any temporary or permanent global location.


A standard flat pack office container with WC is fitted with lifting hooks and takes just a couple of hours to erect on a light concrete base or beams using a forklift truck or crane and simple tools.


If you are looking for a flat pack office container manufacturer and want to know more about our products, please contact us.



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