Flat pack container WC

Modular Flat Pack Container WC

As a leading international manufacturer of modular constructions, we can supply various flat pack container WC and portable sanitary units to almost any country and location. Our precision-made containers offer a cost-effective, practical, and time-efficient solution if you need to provide staff, students, or customers with safe and hygienic onsite toilet and restroom facilities.

Flat plack container wc

Our flat pack container WC-toilet units are made remotely, using the latest precision technology, to ensure each section adheres to international EU and US building codes and regulations. The container arrives in easy-to-assemble flat pack form, and you can quickly install them on a cement baseplate or beams and be up and running in a few hours in most cases.

A standard flat pack container WC-toilet has a 14,4 m2 interior with a length of 600 cm (6 m), height of 250 cm (2.5 m), and width of 240 cm (2.4 m). They are typically entered on the right via a steel or aluminium door and have two compact windows for light and ventilation at each end. Along one side are four toilet cubicles and two urinals, and there are also four washbasins along the entry wall.


If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to provide sanitary facilities at your site, see below for a look at one of our standard flat pack container WC technical specifications and some of their key features.

flat pack container
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Flat Pack Container WC For Sale

Module-T is a well established flat pack container WC supplier in Turkey. We specialise in manufacturing and delivering WC and sanitary containers to schools, stadiums, and industrial and commercial sites in over 120 countries. Our modular flat pack container toilets are popular as they can be rapidly produced and delivered and cost far less than building a traditional structure. They can also be used on both a temporary and permanent basis, making them ideal for construction sites, events, sports stadiums, schools, and labour camps. They are purpose-built to be extremely hardwearing and easy to keep clean. They can also be customised in many ways to suit the requirements of your site and personnel.


Our WC and sanitary containers are watertight and rust and corrosion-resistant. Other key technical specifications and features include:


  •       Structure: A strong, high galvanised steel frame that can be optimised for frequent transportation (optional)


  •       Ceiling and Floors: The ceiling is made from 50 mm insulated polyurethane, and the floors are made from fibre cement panels topped with ceramic, PVC, or a vinyl coating, depending on preference.


  •       Optional Customisations: You can alter the design of your flat pack container WC in many ways. Sanitary ware options include a choice of standard pedestal or stainless steel (inox) toilets, ceramic or stainless steel urinals, ceramic or stainless steel sinks, under-sink storage or cabinets, water heaters, or disabled toilets and sinks as required.


As a major flat pack container WC supplier, we are committed to offering quality modular constructions at highly competitive prices. Flat pack WC container prices will, however, differ according to the modifications you wish to make to the building and the transportation of the finished product to your location. To learn more about our range of sanitary containers or for an initial quote, please contact us.



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