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Customized Containers

Customized Containers: A Versatile Space Solution

Creating purpose-specific additional space for your team can prove costly and challenging, especially if you are looking for a quality solution on a tight budget and timeframe. Thankfully, prefabricated customized containers now offer a practical and intelligent alternative to conventional construction. These highly durable steel frame and sandwich panel structures are made remotely, saving you considerable time, on-site disruption, and cost. They are lightweight and require minimal cement foundations, making them suitable for temporary and permanent sites. Furthermore, customized container manufacturers like Module-T use the latest precision technology to build modular containers to such a high quality that they adhere to international building codes and standards.

Customized containers

The benefits of modular and prefabricated construction are widely recognized, and you now find customized containers used in many global locations. Typically, a modular container provides industrial and commercial office space, canteens, staff accommodation, and sanitary facilities or provides personnel with somewhere secure to store belongings. However, because containers can be optimized and adapted in so many structural and aesthetic ways, you now find portable containers used as schoolrooms, hospital wards, laboratories, guard houses, showrooms, pop-up shops, payment kiosks, and forecourt customer service points.


10” Office Prefabricated Container
(7,2 m²) Capacity: 1 Persons


20" Office Containers (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons


20” Double Office Container (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons

OC-A6000.4 - 600x240cm

20” Office Container With Sanitary
Capacity: 1 Persons

SC-A6000.3 (600x240-cm)

WC container 20”

SC-A6000.4 (600x240-cm)

Shower container 20”

CH-A6000.1 - 600x240cm

Two Rooms Dormitory Container 20’’ with shared sanitary

CH-A6000.2 - 600x240cm

Dormitory container type studio 20

Introducing the Module-T Customized Container Range

Module-T is one of the world’s leading customized container manufacturers, and we specialize in high-quality modular and prefabricated construction. Our facility near Istanbul produces a wide range of standard and custom-made modular buildings that can be rapidly manufactured and supplied in an easy-to-assemble form to most worldwide locations. Our customized containers can all be used alone, linked, or stacked with our other modular structures to create all the facilities and space you need, and all can be highly customized to suit their purpose. See below for details on a few of the most popular buildings from our modular container range:


  • Customized Office Containers: Our portable office containers are a great solution if you need extra space for your administrative or management team. We produce several standard sizes suitable for small and large groups, which can be open-plan or partition walls that can be added to create separate offices, meeting rooms, receptions, kitchens, and restrooms if necessary.


  • Sanitary Containers: These versatile structures can include WCs, sinks, urinals, or showers, and they come in sizes ranging from 3,00 x 2,40 m to 6,00 m x 2,40 m. They are purpose-made to offer employees exceptionally high hygiene and sanitary care.


  • Customized Locker Containers: Built to include your choice of metal lockers, benches, showers, sinks, and changing cubicles, our flexible locker containers offer a watertight, safe, and secure space for your crew to refresh and store belongings.


  • Accommodation Containers: The flexible dormitories and accommodation containers we can supply range in size from 21 m2 to 70 m2 and can be open concept with single beds or bunk beds or include separate bedrooms with or without ensuite facilities. They can be self-contained with kitchens, sitting areas, and bathrooms or linked to a WC, sanitary container, or other modular building to provide the necessary facilities.


If you would like more information on customized containers we can supply, please contact us.

Cutomized Container

Modular container

Customized Container

Customized Container



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