40ft flat pack containers

40ft Flat Pack Containers Manufacturer Module-T

Module-T is a flatpack container manufacturer specialised in the swift design and delivery of a varied and exciting range of 40 ft flat pack container models. Our innovative prefabricated buildings are suitable for a wide range of environments, and they can be used as offices, locker rooms, to provide accommodation or sanitary facilities on a busy construction or industrial site, or to create classroom space in schools and universities. Our 40 ft flat pack containers are strong, versatile, and built to withstand multiple assemblies and relocations. They can be highly customised and enhanced in various structural and aesthetic ways to form the fully functional purpose-built space you require. If you are looking for a time and budget-friendly alternative to traditional construction, here’s an overview of the standard prefabricated containers we produce and our 40 ft flat pack container prices.

40ft flat pack containers

Meet the Customisable Flat Pack Containers

Module-T manufacture standard and custom 40 ft flat pack containers. The containers are built in sections at our state-of-the-art factory in Istanbul, where our team uses precision technology to ensure each element is of a uniformly high quality that adheres to international building codes.

During the design stage, the specifications of the container can be altered, and the layout and any customisations can be put in place. It is possible to custom-design many aspects of our 40 ft flat pack container models, the interior layout can be modified, and features like air conditioning, heating, CCTV, alarms, guard rails, security bars, and additional sockets or cabling for technology can be included. This means that once all the elements are made and the container assembled, it forms the ready-to-run, fully operational structure you require.

Some of Our Products

40 ft Flat Pack Container Prices and Models

If you need room to expand or wish to create additional space on a tight budget or in a short time frame, prefabricated containers offer a smart solution. Here’s a look at a few of the 40 ft flat pack container models we can supply:


  • Flat Pack Office Containers:

    Our flat pack offices are fully electrically equipped and typically provide administrative space on construction and industrial sites. They are versatile and can also be used in-plant or in many other locations or environments. Our standard models contain one door and two windows, and the structures can be linked or stacked to create all the necessary space.


  • Flat Pack Sanitary Containers:

    Our versatile sanitary containers include toilets, urinals, showers, and sinks. These practical containers are optimised for cleanliness and hygiene and are generally used to provide facilities for labour and construction camps, educational facilities, or sports stadiums.


  • Flat Pack Locker Containers

    Portable locker containers offer staff a comfortable and secure place to change and store their belongings. These versatile structures can be used on industrial sites, schools, and sports pitches. They can include benches, metal lockers, and changing cubicles. If wished, sanitary facilities (a toilet, sink, and shower) could be incorporated into the design.


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10” Office Prefabricated Container
(7,2 m²) Capacity: 1 Persons


20" Office Containers (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons


20” Double Office Container (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons

OC-A6000.4 - 600x240cm

20” Office Container With Sanitary
Capacity: 1 Persons

SC-A6000.3 (600x240-cm)

WC container 20”

SC-A6000.4 (600x240-cm)

Shower container 20”

CH-A6000.1 - 600x240cm

Two Rooms Dormitory Container 20’’ with shared sanitary

CH-A6000.2 - 600x240cm

Dormitory container type studio 20

  • Flat Pack Accommodation Containers:

    Our accommodation containers are specifically designed to offer personnel a safe and healthy living space. These strong, versatile modular structures include a closed bedroom or open-plan living and sleeping space with or without a kitchen, lounging area, and a shower room with a WC and sink. Alternatively, they can be dormitory-style with beds and lockers linked to a separate WC and sanitary container.


  • Flat Pack Showroom Containers:

    The attractive sandwich panel wall and window design of our flat pack showrooms make them perfect for use as sales offices, in-plant showrooms, on forecourts, or even as a merchandise point or home gymnasium. The interior can be customised to include tables, chairs, cabinetry or sales and clothing racks and shelves.   


Our 40ft flat pack container prices vary. Many factors influence the price, and these include the type and thickness of insulation used (50 to 100 mm of Rockwool, polyurethane, or expandable polystyrene), the thickness of the sandwich panel walls (50, 60, 80, or 100 mm), and any structural and interior alterations or customisations you order. The cost of transporting the custom 40 ft flat pack containers from our facility in Turkey to your location will also affect the final price. But you may ensure to save up to 30% compared to standard structures.

40 ft Flat Pack Container Specifications

See below the typical specifications of a standard 40 ft flat pack container. Please note that specifications may vary depending on the model, so please refer to the full model description on our website or contact us for more information.

  • Structure:   The sandwich panel surface and frame (purlin) are made from high-galvanised and painted steel.
  • Walls: The sandwich panel exterior and interior walls include insulation up to 100 mm thickness in a choice of Rockwool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam.
  • Ceilings and Floor: The ceiling comes insulated (50mm), and the floor base is a vinyl-coated fibre cement panel.
  • Flooring: Standard floor covering is vinyl, with an optional choice of parquet or ceramic tiles.
  • Roof: A choice of galvanised trapezoidal roof or polyurethane insulated sandwich panel roofing is available to suit your location.

Doors and Windows: Double-glazed aluminium, PVC framed, or bay windows are available. Blinds, shutters, security railings, and alarms can also be added.

Flatpack container
Flatpack office container

Module-T Flatpack Container Supplier

Module-T is a flatpack container supplier based in Turkey. We specialised in building and supplying quick-to-assemble 40 ft flat pack containers and other prefabricated modular constructions that can be installed or dismantled quickly in hours. Our portable solutions come equipped with lifting hooks for ease of assembly. Most of our containers can be placed on a light cement panel base, blocks, or beams that can be laid before arrival to save time. We currently supply prefabricated buildings to more than 120 countries over six continents, and our logistics teams are on hand to organise the swift and economical transportation of containers to even the most remote global sites. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information on our 40 ft flat pack container prices and models.



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