20 ft flat pack storage container

20 ft Flat Pack Storage Container

A 20 ft flat pack storage container offers a quick-to-deliver and assemble space ideal for use in any location. Specifically designed and engineered with practicality and durability in mind, these cost-effective steel-frame and sandwich panel walled structures address the need to provide safe and secure work or office space, and you can customise them in many ways to suit your requirements.

20 ft flat pack storage container

See below for information on our 20 ft flat pack storage containers, their technical specifications, and our 20 ft flat pack storage container prices.

Technical and Key Features of 20 ft Flat Pack Storage Containers

Our 20 ft flat pack containers are highly versatile structures that are precision-made remotely using high-quality materials that adhere to current international building codes. They are also earthquake and cyclone-resistant so they can be used in challenging climates and remote locations.


The key features and specifications of a 20 ft flat pack storage container include:


  •       Size and Layout: The standard 20 ft storage container dimensions are 600 cm x 240 cm (14,4 ft), with a door at one end and ventilation or window at the other. This allows ample room for secure storage of up to 14 storage barrels, or it could be customised to provide office space for a couple of desks and four utility chairs.


  •       Lifting and Assembly: Our 20 ft storage units arrive flat-packed in a container ready for assembly at the site. Lifting hooks are attached so the sections can easily be installed on a simple concrete base or beams using a crane or forklift truck. Assembly typically takes 2 hours and requires a couple of personnel or contractors.


  •       Height: The height of a 20 ft storage container is 250 cm (2.5 m).


  •       Walls: The sandwich panel walls come pre-cut with electric and utility connection sockets. You can choose from Rockwool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam insulation with a thickness of 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, or 100mm, depending on your acoustic and thermal requirements.


  •       Doors: Aluminium or steel doors are standard, which can be fitted with anti-intrusion bars or devices if necessary.


  •       Window Fittings: The window in a 20 ft flat pack storage container has a choice of PVC or aluminium flames and standard or bay window styles. These can be fitted with security bars, alarms, mosquito nets, or roller shutters.


  •       Customisations: You can adapt the container in many ways to make the space fit for purpose. For example, air-conditioning, heating, fitted cabinets, alarms, and security features can all be added.
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20 ft Flat Pack Storage Container Prices

As Turkey’s leading manufacturer of modular solutions and a global 20 ft flat pack storage container supplier, we are committed to offering high-quality prefabricated constructions at affordable prices. However, 20 ft flat pack storage container prices vary according to the type and volume of insulation you require, any structural or aesthetic customisations you choose to make, and the cost of transporting the container via land and sea from our facility near Istanbul to your location.

If you are looking for a 20 ft flat pack storage container supplier and want to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.



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