20 feet modular office container with sanitary

The advantages of our modular office container with sanitary


Looking for extra space or to expand your office space? Furnished office containers are an efficient and easy to install solution. Delivered in kit form, these modular structures can be assembled quickly to complete your various projects and present many benefits.

20 feet modular office container with sanitary

Fast assembly and disassembly of prefabricated containers

The modular office container lends itself both to construction sites, as a workspace or living base, and to use as a durable extension. The surface area of a standard office container is 15m2 and 30m2. The kits are flat packed to avoid cumbersome packaging and to make transport easier. The flexible panels fit together easily to save you time during installation. You also have the option of moving them around easily without dismantling them when lifting. These containers are easily expandable. You can stack them on top of each other if you want a multi-level structure, or juxtapose them if you prefer single-level structures.

The insulation and strength of our office containers

Modular prefabricated containers have innate strength because they were designed to withstand the weather and the rough conditions at sea. The galvanised and pre-painted steel structure makes them more durable. The 50 to 100 mm thick rock wool insulation is comparable to that of standard buildings. Converted office containers have a life span of 30 years. Our modular office containers with sanitary are designed using sandwich panel structures for optimal sound and heat insulation.

Custom containers transformed into an office

Our modular office containers can be customised to suit you. A 400 kg/m2 reinforced floor frame can be ordered as an option. We can customise aluminium roller shutters, as well as special PVC flooring. For added security, we can install a triple-lock door and intruder-proof bars. Other options such as heating and an air conditioning system, plus sanitary arrangements can be added.



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