The advantages of the Module-T office container


Do you want to set up an office workspace on your site? Module-T office containers are sure to meet your needs. They are modular to adapt to your needs, and are three times cheaper than a converted shipping container. You will receive a collapsible kit with 10 x 6 m office modules, shipped in a single 40 foot sea container. This already saves you a lot in terms of shipping costs.

Whatever the weather conditions where you want to set up your office container, the latter is extremely robust and can face up to bad weather as well as insulating you from it. If you want a larger workspace, our office containers are fully modular. You even have the option of linking them together either next to each other or on top of each other to create a modular building. You can also opt for a custom-made office container and tell us the dimensions you want (non-standard, higher, etc.).

We offer you customisation options.  Design-wise, you can opt for bay window sections or added furniture. You can also add security or comfort options such as air conditioning, or the installation of a computer network, etc. Let us know what you want and we will fulfil your request to the letter.


Module-T office containers are prefabricated offices so you can set up your own office on your site. They are sturdy and resistant to all weather conditions, yet their price beats all the competition.

Why choose the Module-T office container

The Module-T office container is suitable for customisation. It is designed to provide a functional workspace that can be adapted to suit the constraints imposed by the site. So no matter how complex your project is, you can be assured of a premium quality office container.


A manufacturing process focused on longevity

Module-T designs office containers by combining a frame and sandwich panels in highly galvanised steel. The surface is coated with a rustproof paint that ensures the durability of the structure. Insulation (polystyrene foam, polyurethane or rock wool) up to 100 cm thick is integrated into the walls. The ceiling is also insulated. The floor is made of cement fibre on which a PVC coating is placed. When it comes to door and window frames, you can choose between aluminium and PVC designs. They can be made in standard or custom sizes. These office containers have a lifespan of 30 years.


Design on demand

The Module-T office container can be fully adapted to your needs. So it is possible to design a container with toilet facilities, to provide a meeting room, to integrate bars on the windows, etc. A home automation network and an air conditioning system can also be installed, among other design options. To cope with challenging installation environment requirements, Module-T also offers reinforced containers that can be used as offices on construction sites in hurricane zones.


Convenient, easy-to-install containers

Each office container is shipped as a kit to limit the space required during transport. Module-T also ensures that shipping deadlines are strictly adhered to. Up to ten 15 m² office containers can fit into a single 40-foot shipping container. Thanks to the plan and assembly kits, you can assemble a 15 m² modular office easily in two hours. This modular product allows for all imaginable layouts. Juxtapose or stack the office containers to design a prefabricated building. Move it as your needs change or dismantle it when it has served its purpose.