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Dormitory Container 3D

Inside View

Outside View

Dormitory Container

This prefabricated sandwich panel accommodation container by Module-T is specially designed to fulfil the domestic needs and personal comfort of staff on construction sites. It can be used as a living area as well as a dormitory, and can be fitted with sanitary facilities (shower and toilets) and a kitchenette to make it into a fully equipped studio if needed.

The dormitory container has multiple advantages that make it the building of choice for accommodating workforces. The first of these is the ease and speed with which the accommodation container can be installed or dismantled. This can be done in just a few hours since all sandwich panels in the delivery have already been welded and painted, and the frameworks are pre-assembled at our factory. And of course, we can send over our own highly trained technicians to assist with prefab building assembly. All you need is a lightweight construction feature such as a concrete block or beam to mount the dormitory container on.

Accommodation Container

Once the container is assembled, it does not need disassembling before transport, since this can be done simply with lifting hooks. However, if your container will be transported and moved about frequently, we provide the option of a specially reinforced dorm container.

Another advantage of dormitory container is the high quality of the container’s materials and the excellent workmanship that has gone into construction. The dormitory container is made from high galvanized, painted steel sandwich panels and roof frames, which makes the structure corrosion-resistant and hence rain-proof. The container is also lined with insulating stone wool of various thicknesses depending on local climatic conditions on your work site. The base comprises vinyl-coated fibre cement panels and the ceiling is insulated with high-grade polyurethane.

Finally, there is a wide range of different interior configurations for accommodation container to choose. Clients can also request their own special internal arrangements for their construction site camps and dormitories. Bathrooms, small kitchens, closets, and wardrobes can be integrated where necessary; and clients can additionally choose to have either single beds or bunk beds in their workers’ accommodation. This customization of our containers to suit clients’ specific needs is something that we are well known for at Module-T.



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