Locker Container 3D - Module-T

Locker Container 3D

Inside View

Outside View

Usage areas of the locker container

Our Module-T sandwich panel locker container is specially designed to fulfil the personal needs and comfort of personnel working in various industries such as construction, mining and oil-drilling. The locker container is an ideal place for staff to store their valuable or delicate items during work, and it can also be used as a cloakroom or fitted with optional sanitary facilities (WC, sinks and shower units).

Locker Container

Advantages of the locker container

A key advantage of this locker container is the ease and speed with which it can be installed, hence the name quick-mount container. The container is made up of quick-mount sandwich panels that have already been cut and painted at the factory before delivery. Our own technicians can also be sent over from Turkey to help you with assembly, so installation takes just a few hours. All you need is a lightweight construction feature such as a concrete block or beam to mount your container on. The locker container is also highly portable and can be readily transported with lifting hooks. If your container needs to be frequently moved around, we also provide the option of an extra sturdy, specially reinforced locker containers.

The structure is made from high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panels, which are both sturdy and rust-resistant. This makes the container a strong, weather-proof structure that is extremely durable and will last for decades, hence saving you material replacement costs. Standard walls are insulated with stone wool, but we also provide the option of polyurethane and polystyrene insulation if you prefer. The ceilings are insulated with polyurethane.

The other big advantage of this Module-T is its customizability and wide range of interior configurations and extra fittings to choose from. For example, shower and WC units in various arrangements can be integrated into the locker room, and single / layered shelving and steel-frame benches can also be installed. Moreover, the cabin can be combined with other ground-floor prefabricated modules to complement office space. We have a wide range of different locker room and cloakroom container configurations for clients to choose from. We can even create other special configurations on client request.