Flat pack storage container

Modular Flat Pack Storage Container

A Module-T flat pack storage container can be used for various applications on temporary and permanent sites, and they offer a cost-effective and practical space solution. Designed and manufactured at our high-tech facility near Istanbul, we can organise the swift build and delivery of these portable structures to sites in over 120 countries, and they are used extensively in industrial and commercial areas due to their strength and versatility.

Flat pack storage container

The range of flat pack storage containers for sale that we produce can all be optimised and enhanced in many ways to make them fit your purpose. In addition, they are also designed to meet international building codes and cyclone and seismic regulations, making them perfect for use in even the most remote and challenging locations.


If you require additional storage space and are looking for a reliable flat pack storage container manufacturer, find out more about our prefabricated storage containers, the model specifications, and their benefits of use below.

Flat Pack Storage Container For Sale

The flat pack storage containers we design are made remotely, flat-packed, and then sent to your site for installation. They feature a robust, high galvanised steel frame that is built to withstand multiple assemblies and relocations, and the sandwich panel walls come insulated with between 50 mm and 100 mm of polystyrene foam, rock wool, or polyurethane insulation for optimum acoustic and thermal performance. Other key features and technical specifications of a modular flat pack storage container include the following:


  •       Size and Layout: The dimensions of our standard portable storage container are 600 cm x 240 cm (14,4 m2), with a height of 250 cm (2,5 m). They come with an aluminium or steel door, a window for light and ventilation at the far end, and strong steel shelving units on both sides.


  •       Additional Features: The walls are pre-cut with sockets for easy electricity and utility connection, and the interior and exterior walls come in various colours and finishes. The window frames can be aluminium or PVC and can be of a regular or bay window design. Blinds, roller shutters, security bars, mosquito nets, and alarms can be fitted on request.
flat pack storage container manufacturer
flat pack storage container for sale

Advantages of Flat Pack Storage Container

You can enjoy many advantages by opting for a flat pack storage container rather than a conventional build. A few benefits to consider include:

  1.     Quick to Deliver and Assemble: A flat pack storage container for sale can be made, shipped, and assembled in just a few weeks. They come with lifting hooks attached and typically take a couple of hours to install using a forklift and a couple of labourers.
  2.     Affordable: Due to savings made during the manufacturing process and the innovative materials used to create a modular flat pack storage container, you can save up to 30% compared to a traditional structure.
  3.     Energy Efficient: Our portable storage containers come fully insulated, performing well in most environments. This can lead to substantial long-term savings on heating and cooling costs.
  4.     Multipurpose: During the initial design stage, you can enhance and customise your storage container to make the space work best for you.
  5.     Modular: All of our flat pack storage containers we construct are based on a modular system whereby they can be linked, stacked, or joined to other modular constructions.


If you are looking for a flat pack storage container manufacturer and want to know more about our solutions, please contact us.       



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