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Portable Office Container

Portable Office Container

Portable Office Container

Our company is the market leader in Turkey in the manufacture of portable container offices. As an international supplier, we can ship your office anywhere in the world. Do you need a quick solution to accommodating new employees? Do you need more facilities to house newly-hired site crew? We understand the needs of our customers and count upon the diversity of our range to satisfy every one. Discover what makes our range so different and innovative.

What are the advantages of portable container office?

Their many advantages ensure that the success of our office containers extends well beyond the borders of Turkey. Among their primary advantages is, of course, their ability to be quickly assembled to respond to any pressing new office needs. Another advantage is mobility. Your container office can be placed wherever you wish with no restrictions on your freedom of movement. Our solutions are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled to better support our customers. Finally, let’s not forget a robust level of waterproofing to cope with the elements and the changing seasons. Your fully insulated portable container office will bring you complete satisfaction. Our container office is an innovative, quick-assembly solution. It allows you to create comfortable and suitable work spaces for site crew. Of course, there is also the question of price, which will be discussed later. Trust our expertise and know-how: choose the best supplier on the market!

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Office container: some technical information to bear in mind

Although we are a manufacturer based in Turkey, we also comply with European standards and requirements. We offer office containers in standard sizes of 15 m² or 30 m². Our solutions can be stacked and placed side by side for optimal adaptability. Enjoy long-lasting durability with aluminium windows and doors. In terms of insulation, we use rockwool or polyurethane. The thickness varies between 50, 60 and 100 mm. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent solution, for a construction site or corporate offices, our solutions are adapted to your particular requirements. This is why we have a number of options to choose from in our range. This allows you to select the model that suits you best. We are available for any clarification or additional information on the technical specifications of our products that you may need.


What is the price of a container office?

We have not forgotten the question of price. How much does a portable container office cost? The price of a 20-foot office container ranges from €3,000 to €4,000. A pricing policy that is affordable and immeasurably lower than the price of a traditional office. The price depends primarily on the thickness of the walls. But also the type of insulation used and the type of door and window. By any measure, choosing one of our solutions means choosing the best value manufacturer on the market.



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