Affordable Office Cabin

Affordable office cabins

Increasingly appreciated by professionals, especially on construction sites, the demand for affordable office cabins is continuing to grow a real innovation, this bungalow will allow you to easily set up your office wherever you want and at a low cost.

Modular Office Container

Why buy an affrodable office cabin?

Our office cabin has many advantages that are rapidly highlighted by its very low cost.


Combining mobility and ease of installation

Do you lack space and need new premises quickly? Is your business growing and you need to hire? Are you a construction company manager and need an affordable office cabin for your jobsites?

Our office bungalow combines lightness, reliability and mobility. Indeed, you can easily install it wherever you want and according to your needs.

This affordable office container will be your new ally for your future projects.

Affordable office cabin prices

Our inexpensive office bungalow is very good quality. Indeed, the materials used guarantee very good service life and resist the wear of time.

The price of this bungalow is already very affordable in view of the advantages it offers. For a 10-foot office cabin, allow for a minimum price of 1900 euros.

A 20-foot office cabin, ie 15m², will cost at least 2900 euros. Finally, for a 40-foot office container, ie 30m², you should allow for a minimum price of 5800 euros.

You very quickly realize its cost-effectiveness when you compare the price of a bungalow with the price of real estate, especially in certain cities. With the affordable 40-foot office cabin, you can easily set up a furnished meeting room. With the 20-foot office, you can arrange a room for several workers, and with the 10-foot bungalow you can install the site manager’s office.

Advantages and options for an office cabin

As you will have understood by now, our inexpensive office container has many advantages. It is very easy to install, reliable and mobile. So you can move it very simply according to your needs.

The cost of the investment is low compared with a standard installation. You will thus optimise your time, quality and your money.

This economical office module, designed from very reliable materials, has a very long life-cycle. It is therefore a durable and highly profitable investment.

It can be arranged to suit your needs, including air conditioning, lighting and furniture.

No more constraints and difficulties to accommodate offices on construction sites or during relocations. With our affordable



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