Meeting Room Container

Your modular meeting room for 10 people!

By connecting two 20-foot containers, you can obtain a larger workspace that accommodates up to four office tables or a meeting room. Our meeting room container, with its dimensions of 30.00m2, can comfortably accommodate worksite meetings of up to ten people.

Our modular bolted system allows you to easily connect two modular container. No soldering is necessary in the construction our module containers.

The thickness of the sandwich panel walls depends on the local climatic conditions and generally varies between 50mm and 100mm.

You can add a gabled roof with single sheet or sandwich panel roofing.  Roofing overlays may be recommended for areas of heavy rain when connecting more than two office flat pack container.

We offer numerous options for doors and windows (security bars, rolling shutters, reinforced entry doors). We also offer furniture as an option for designing your office space and meeting rooms.

Your meeting room container is installed on a concrete slab or on twelve concrete blocks. The modular structure is quickly dismantled, so you can easily move it.



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