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Prefab container cabins

What is a Prefab Container Cabin?

Over the years, prefab container cabins have advanced, making them a wise and budget-friendly alternative to conventional buildings for many clients. Lightweight galvanised steel frame and sandwich prefab container cabins are highly versatile structures that can be used like traditional buildings to create flexible spaces for various commercial and industrial purposes. These versatile structures boast many advantages over conventional buildings. Ease of assembly, quick delivery, sustainability, and cost are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with modular and prefabricated construction.

Prefab container cabin

Module-T is one of the largest modular container manufacturers in Turkey. We export a full range of standard prefabricated containers to clients worldwide. The precision technology and innovative materials we use to create our prefab container cabins ensure that they comply with current international building codes and standards. Our prefabricated container range now outperforms many traditional buildings in strength and durability. They are also portable, meaning you can erect and dismantle them quickly and move them elsewhere. This makes a prefabricated container ideal for temporary construction sites, mining facilities, and other locations where time and usage may be limited. You may find out more about Module-T and our prefab container cabins below.

Prefab Container Cabins For Sale

If you are searching for the best modular container manufacturer in Turkey, you may consider our services. From our base near Istanbul, we can supply an impressive range of standard prefabricated containers for use in any location, regardless of the distance. See below a small selection of our prefab container cabins and browse our website for our full portfolio:


Prefab Container Offices: Our range of portable office containers can stand alone, be stacked, or be connected to other modular buildings to form a labour camp or larger facility. They come fully electrically equipped and vary in size to provide space for small or large teams. Each can be optimised to suit its purpose, and air conditioning, extra security features, guard rails, security bars, furnishings, and other technology or utility connection sockets can be added.


Prefab Sanitary Containers:  Available in standard sizes of 3 m x 2.40 m, 6 m x 2.40 m, and 11.70 m x 2.40 m. Our prefabricated container sanitary facilities can be configured in various ways to include toilets, urinals, showers, and sinks. In addition, they can also include changing cubicles or be joined to modular locker containers to provide staff with a hygienic, safe, and comfortable place to refresh, change, and store belongings. Tailor-made sanitary containers are also available.


Prefab Accommodation Containers: If you want to create secure, watertight overnight lodgings for staff or students, our prefab accommodation containers are specifically designed for this purpose. Prefab accommodation is typically used for personnel to reside in labour camps, construction sites, and schools. The buildings are also widely used to provide emergency housing or to form wards and military bases. These versatile structures can be customised to include separate rooms with en-suite facilities or dormitory in style and connected to prefab sanitary containers or locker rooms. They can also have kitchens, seating and dining areas if necessary.   


10” Office Prefabricated Container
(7,2 m²) Capacity: 1 Persons


20" Office Containers (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons


20” Double Office Container (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons

OC-A6000.4 - 600x240cm

20” Office Container With Sanitary
Capacity: 1 Persons

SC-A6000.3 (600x240-cm)

WC container 20”

SC-A6000.4 (600x240-cm)

Shower container 20”

CH-A6000.1 - 600x240cm

Two Rooms Dormitory Container 20’’ with shared sanitary

CH-A6000.2 - 600x240cm

Dormitory container type studio 20

Best Prefab Container Cabins Manufacturer

Module-T is a leading modular container manufacturer in Turkey. We specialised in the building and global supply of high-quality, ready-to-transport portable containers at competitive prices. Our modular and prefabricated construction range features innovative structures with a strong galvanised steel frame and insulated sandwich panel walls for thermal and acoustic performance. Our standard designs can be customised in many ways, and various features and fittings can be added to make the prefabricated container suit its purpose and location. We then organise the structure to be flat-packed and economically transported to your site for assembly. As a guide, up to ten 6 x 2.40 m prefab container modules can be transported in one standard 40-foot sea or transport container, keeping logistics costs down and resulting in significant time and cost savings.


The price of prefab container cabins varies according to size, technical specifications, and transport costs to your location. The type of windows and frames (aluminium or PVC), the thickness of the walls (5, 6, 8, or 10 cm), the type of insulation used (rockwool or polyurethane), any additional fixtures and fittings ordered, and other structural and aesthetic amendments to our standard designs will affect the cost. That said, even if you opt for a highly-customised modular and prefabricated construction, you can still enjoy significant savings of up to 30% compared to a conventional brick-built structure in most cases. To find out more about our range of prefab container cabins and for an initial quote, contact Module-T now!



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