Why Choose Module-T ?

Why choose Module-T as your modular building company ?

Modular solutions:

Modular solutions: solutions that are quick to install

A prefabricated building offers great flexibility in creating living or working spaces using assembled steel portable cabins. Quick assembly is one of the significant advantages of modular building. Creating them in our factory ensures that our products are ideally designed for fast installation. They are robust and long-lasting, standing up to bad weather, particularly in areas prone to seismic disturbance and natural disasters, even cyclones. A modular building complies with the same requirements and standards as traditional structures, guaranteeing the same level of safety.

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Modular buildings are easy to dismantle, and as a result, modular and prefabricated construction is becoming a popular option for temporary or permanent building needs. Building in this way is increasingly viewed as a sensible investment since the costs are lower when compared with constructing standard concrete buildings.


Module-T is the leading modular building manufacturer in Turkey, and the solution we offer combines unrivalled quality with very competitive prices. We select our primary materials, steel, sandwich panels and wood, with great care to guarantee that our products will last.

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Custom-made modular buildings

Custom-made modular buildings

We manufacture bespoke modular buildings carefully tailored to your specific needs. In addition to our range of standard modular containers, we are happy to bring your projects to life using plans drawn up by your own architects. Our highly qualified technicians are always on hand to turn your ideas into reality, whether you require a temporary modular office, site accommodation, a locker container or sanitary facilities.


Among our modular and prefabricated solutions, we offer a wide range of products, including flat-pack containers, labour camp site facilities, modular office containers, WC containers, locker or storage containers and a variety of temporary modular buildings. We also have prefabricated buildings suitable  for large spaces, including canteens and workshops.


As modular building manufacturers, we customise each modular container to suit your project and its specifications. We also offer various options for insulation thickness, cladding, and doors and window frames.

Optimised logistics mean optimised costs

Module-T, the modular building company, stands out from the crowd with its innovative approach to optimising logistics when delivering prefabricated structures. We have designed special packaging systems that allow us to ship the maximum possible number of prefabricated containers on one lorry. This results in significant transport cost savings for our customers. As a manufacturer of modular buildings in Turkey, we have established our reputation as a leader in the modular industry. We export our products to over 120 countries worldwide, including destinations such as France, England, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, the Caribbean (Bahamas, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Jamaica, Dominica, Trinidad Tobago), and Africa (Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Angola, Tanzania and Uganda). We also understand the importance of offering flexible logistics solutions. That is why we offer a prefabricated office container sent as a flat pack (dismantled). This approach enables significant savings to be made on handling and transport costs. For destinations where road transport is an option, we ship up to four 10’’, two 20 feet or a single 40 feet  fully assembled modular container on 13-metre lorries, including all the necessary fixtures and fittings. For destinations reached by sea, the portable cabins are shipped in special kits, optimising logistics while ensuring the safety of the cargo.

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Meeting deadlines for modular building manufacturers

Module-T is firmly committed to meeting production deadlines to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. Our approach is based on strict adherence to production deadlines, ensuring that you receive your building site container on time without the frustrating delays that can complicate your projects. We keep a regular stock of modular containers, including office containers, locker containers and portable living cabins . That means we’re ready to respond quickly to your needs, whether you prefer delivery to the nearest port or direct delivery by road to your construction site in Europe. Our global presence means we can serve you efficiently wherever you are. We believe that meeting deadlines is a key factor in the success of any project, and we are committed to honouring the deadlines agreed.

Modular building company – assembly service included

Module-T offers a complete assembly service to simplify your modular building projects. Our experienced team of qualified fitters and technicians is available to help because we know simplicity and speed of installation are crucial. Depending on your project, we can send an on-site assembly team or a supervisor to assist you throughout the process, from unpacking through to installing your prefabricated and modular building. Our installation team consists of two installation technicians, an electrician and, if necessary, a plumber. You can count on their expertise to ensure that your modular building is installed efficiently and to your specifications. Whether you need a turnkey installation or simply coordination of assembly work, we’re here to support you every step of the way. As a leader in Turkey’s modular building industry, we are committed to meeting delivery deadlines. We will also precisely meet your specifications for your modular and prefabricated building projects. We have a team of technicians ready to assist you, either on-site or remotely, as you wish, in setting up your permanent modular office building. Make Module-T your trusted partner for the supply and installation of prefabricated buildings providing worker accommodation, building site containers, modular living cabins, sanitary facilities and office containers on your building sites. We offer you top-quality modular buildings fully backed up by our recognised expertise in assembly and installation.

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