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Manufacturer of temporary locker room containers

Are you looking for a modular construction solution that’s easy to configure as an athletes’ locker room or a temporary locker rooms for site staff? Are you looking to rely on the expertise of someone who can meet your needs? And last but not least, do you prefer the proximity of a supplier located in Turkey? Choose our company. We can meet all your criteria. We’re the professional manufacturer you’ve been looking for. We’ll help you design locker room spaces that meet your expectations.

Locker rooms designed to ensure the well-being of your people

Whether it’s in the context of a construction site or a sports complex where safety and hygiene standards must be respected, a locker room is a priority. It should offer personal compartments with high-quality security (locks or the option of installing padlocks). Each of them should be large enough to store personal belongings in total security. In addition to these lockers and storage spaces, your supplier can provide you with additional fixtures. With benches that make it easier to unlace shoes and change clothes, users of these modular container kits made in Turkey can enjoy the well-being they have a right to expect in a space designed just for them. To optimize our product offerings, we can also equip your locker room with showers,  so athletes or employees working on your construction site can freshen up before putting on their clothes and going home. To make this a reality, we can combine several modules to increase the available space. The choice is yours! We meet all your requirements to ensure your satisfaction.

Locker Containers
Temporary locker-room-contaıner
Locker room container

Your prefabricated locker room manufacturer can support you during your moves

With sandwich panels that offer high-performance insulation, our locker rooms are entirely waterproof. The walls, also manufactured at our production site in Turkey, create an insulated cabin where your users will feel comfortable. Our kits are placed on supports that guarantee their stability. Everything is pre-designed at the factory. All that remains is a few hours of assembly in order to complete the temporary locker room of your choice. To move it, everything is provided, and a lifting hook allows you to easily load it and unload it. We’re professionals who are always available. We’ll meet all your requirements to design a locker room in the size you’re looking for and with the facilities you need. Feel free to ask us for a quote for the temporary locker room model that suits you best. Our customer service is at your disposal and will respond to you quickly. Choose quality and simplicity with a kit locker room supplier that meets your needs!



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