Two-Bedroom Prefabricated Houses

Two-Bedroom Prefabricated Houses

We offer various styles of comfortable and aesthetic two-bedroom prefabricated homes.  Our prefabricated homes are fully insulated and meet the seismic and cyclonic standards in your region.  The walls and roof are shipped pre-cut in the factory. The system bolts together without any welding or cutting!  We offer many choices of finishing materials and exterior cladding, including ceramic or parquet flooring, fully equipped kitchens, sanitary equipment, cement, or wood appearance exterior cladding.


The five main advantages of our prefabricated homes

  • Economical: price is half to a third that of a traditional construction.
  • Quick assembly: The installation of a 2-bedroom prefabricated home takes a day to accomplish. It then takes one to three days of additional work for the electrical installation, plumbing and finishing work.
  • Aesthetics: we design our houses according to your architectural requirements.
  • Robust: an earthquake resistant prefabricated house that can also be reinforced to meet cyclonic standards.
  • Fully insulated: insulation of the exterior and interior walls with 80mm or 100mm rock wool or polyurethane. Ceiling insulation in mineral wool up to 200mm thick. Thermal insulation reinforcement possible with additional exterior cladding in non-flammable A1 class cement fibre
Maison Préfabriquée 2 Chambres
Maison Préfabriquée 2 Chambres
Maison Préfabriquée 2 Chambres
Maison Préfabriquée 2 Chambres



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