Prefabricated Workers Camp

Module-T delivered and carried out the assembly work on a number of prefabricated buildings for the creation of construction sites (living quarters for workers). The assembly of the modular and prefabricated structures was carried out in Ghana, Tanzania and Gabon.

We delivered prefabricated site buildings in 60mm- and 100mm-thick sandwich panels. Prefabricated sanitary and modular office of 11.70×2.5m and 6.00×2.50m were shipped and installed in record time. We deliver and install prefabricated offices, sanitary blocks, prefabricated changing rooms and also fully equipped canteens and kitchens for construction sites.


What is a prefabricated worker Camp?

This term refers to special premises designated to accommodate all the different needs of all people employed on a building site. The premises must comply with strict security and hygiene standards, at the same time allowing building site employees to be accommodated on site in good working conditions.

Why choose Module-T prefabricated buildings for your worker camp?

  • This type of prefabricated worker camp building with sandwich panels provides insulation of up to twenty centimetres thickness. This allows the building to adapt to the local climate and temperature averages for every country.
  • Being a strong and sturdy construction, the prefab building complies with official earthquake-resistance standards and readily adapts to all climates, no matter how harsh. This is especially important considering how weather is one of the major hazards affecting a building site.



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